When making EDM, so many entry-level producers focus so much Yamaha HS7 | Gear Review | EDM Produceron their music theory, they forget about the actual sound of their instrumentation. Yamaha is obviously an industry leader in sound gear and provides quality tools for every level of EDM production.

The Yamaha NS-10’s set a high standard for producers alike, but were discontinued in 2001. The NS-10’s were especially effective at revealing the true sounds of Pop and Rock audio recordings.

With the NS-10’s dead and gone, Yamaha’s HS-Series does a great job in any home studio. Specifically the HS7 Powered Studio Monitors, have a nice balance of sound quality and economical conservativeness.

TheĀ  HS-Series really gives you good quality at an affordable price as far as studio monitors go. There is also a sense of portability with them as well. You can easily pack them up and take them to an other location with not too much trouble at all.

With GuitarCenter.com’s lowest price guarantee, there really is no reason not to purchase them at Guitar Center either. You get a great quality piece of gear, from a reputable retailer, at the lowest possible price.

The Yamaha HS7’s are currently listed at $299.99 at GuitarCenter.com when they were previously listed at 399.99. They have 6.5″ cone woofers and 1″ dome tweeters, and are currently listed $100 below what the MSRP was.

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