JUMMP Records moves straight forward with a mission to present a new names with exceptional music material. This time the radars is aimed to Los Angeles, California where duo of Andre Paul Ryan and Colton Kaiser cooks up an excellent tracks as WolfSnarling. Their new work ‘Werewolf’ is nothing but confident festival smasher with the breath-taking spirit of good horror-movie. Right from the start it catches with energetic intro that puts us in a mode of waiting something big. Then anthemic ‘hands-in-the-air’ synth-melody takes palace to prepare us for main action of a blend of spectacular ‘horror’ lead, wolf howl cuts, pumping drums and many more masterfully merged elements including fabulous Trap-styled break. With the countless variety, all the sounds and arrange parts a balanced perfectly.
The 2014 became the breaking-through year for WolfSnarling after they were selected as winners of Insomniac’s EDC Las Vegas 2014 Discovery Project. Now with ‘Werewolf’ they’re armed to teeth to rock any big club or festival at full capacity.
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