TOURIST Holding On (feat. Josef Salvat & Niia)

Tourist kicked off 2015 with his Radio 1 B listed single ‘Illuminate’ featuring Years & Years
followed by an incredible trip to LA to pick up a Grammy win for his part in co-writing Sam
Smiths ‘Stay With Me’ and then back to his local in London for his sold out, debut headline
show at Hackney’s Oslo; a pretty strong start.

‘Holding On’ looks set to take a strident step forward for the year ahead. It features a duet
from hotly tipped Australian artist Josef Salvat and the American Singer and pianist Niia
whose vocals perfectly complement both each other and the intimate electronic music Tourist
creates. ‘Holding On’ is a track very close to Tourists’ heart and is truly an indication of what
to expect from his recently completed debut album, due for release later this year.

Will explains: “’Holding On’” is the record that defines the tone of the album, both sonically and
conceptually. I hadn’t heard many duets for a while and I thought it would be an interesting wayto convey something that might have been slightly one-dimensional had it only been through one
persons perspective. It’s the record I’m most proud of”.

Label: Polydor
Commissioner: Emily Tedrake
Artist Management: TMWRK

Production Company: Knucklehead
Director: Holly Blakey
Producer: Archie Hollway
DoP: Adam Scarth
Steadicam: Tom Wilkinson
Stylist: Hannah R Hopkins
Makeup: Sian Duke
Dancers: Naomi Weijand & Joshua Hubbard
Edit: Cut+Run
Editor: Jack Singer
Post- Production: Electric

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