You may or may not be a fan of Taylor Sift, but you have definitely heard her music… or at least heard of her music. It’s been a couple few years since the T. Swift first hit the scene with her country style, innocent perspective. Since the release of her single ‘Tim McGraw’ in 2006 her career has been continually propelling her to new found successes. Upon recent years her music has been making an interesting shift away from country music. Listen to ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ which was released October 2012:

The chorus on that song definitely takes advantage of LFO wobble effects on the bass, while the entire track is running above the classic Dubstep tempos at 154 BPM and halftime on the chorus, it is definitely a Dubstep influenced track. This was a strong move on Taylor Swift’s part, with this song she won over a larger audience through her new found style. She was mixing Pop and Electronic Dance Music, and moving away from Country music.

Taylor Swift Out of the Woods

As the years move on, she continues to target a larger audience through more cross-over driven Pop music. ‘Shake It Off’ was far from classic Taylor Swift, it’s the Pop song poster child for 2014. With the release of her new single Out of the Woods Taylor Swift has the Pop world right where she wants it. She is promoting the release of her new album 1989 and it seems like her vocal style is shifting even further from what it was. I wonder if Summertime Sadness would have been the successful song that it was, if it were Taylor Swift’s and not Lana Del Rey’s. IMHO it is only a matter of time before more of her songs have official EDM Remix releases. Here’s an EDM remix to Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ that was posted not too long ago. Soon enough she will be a regular topic of discussion on EDM news blogs alike, or not….

Top Albums and Songs by Taylor Swift

Name Album Time Price

Out Of The Woods 1989 3:55 $1.29 View In iTunes

Shake It Off 1989 3:41 $1.29 View In iTunes

I Knew You Were Trouble Red 3:39 $1.29 View In iTunes

Love Story Fearless 3:55 $1.29 View In iTunes

You Belong With Me Fearless 3:51 $1.29 View In iTunes

Mean Speak Now 3:57 $1.29 View In iTunes

22 Red 3:52 $1.29 View In iTunes

Our Song Taylor Swift (Bonus Track Version) 3:21 $1.29 View In iTunes

White Horse Fearless 3:54 $1.29 View In iTunes

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together Red 3:13 $1.29 View In iTunes


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