Everyone knows about the big money in the EDM industry. The listeners of Electronic Dance Music have always been young, but have gotten even younger within the past few years. Targeting the youth is valuable to any brand, because they are earning a customer for life; literally the life of the youth they are winning over. Now I am not here to say that big business is bad or that the tactics that corporate America uses are borderline brainwashing, those analysis’ can be left for Ethics classes. I just wanted to point out some recent activity RedBull has made that is definitely part of their plan to win over all of you EDM heads.

Skrillex ACL Festival

RedBull partnered with ACL Festival & provided live streaming coverage of the event directly from their server. There’s a bunch of electronic music throughout the Austin City Limits Festival, but it is Skrillex that wins RedBull the majority of the EDM crowd they had been wanting. After the legendary Skrillex finished up his set, RedBull presented a special documentary of the DJ Producer.

Recently I posted about Steve Aoki’s public relations, which included a flight organized by RedBull. This is just more, straight forward, advertising. RedBull does this often with all sorts of industry leaders, to capture specific target demographics, this time it just so happens

Steve Aoki EDM

to be that electronic dance music demographic. Watching the electro house DJ & Producer react to his roller-coaster-death-flight wins his fans over team RedBull.

Furthermore, RedBull’s activity has been displaying more EDM lately. RedBull Records is a perfect platform to cater to the EDM crow. They also broadcast EDM News, new music, and much more from their own blog. Recently their blog displayed a video of Wrestlers – ‘Say Anything’ and Tapioca and the Flea – ‘Take It Slow’ which is just more electronic music for their archives.

EDM Exclusives is an EDM News Blog, and that’s what we do, we provide you with exclusive news, music, and deals in a blog format. RedBull is a lot more than just a beverage company though, or is it?

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