If you’ve been following EDM, you may have noticed the tropical twist on deep house which has come to be known as tropical house (Trouse). No sub-genre of Electronic Dance Music is complete without an adequate poster boy, and Trouse has it’s poster boy, Kygo.

Kyrre Gørvell-Dahll (Kygo) is the Norwegian DJ who has the EDM world right where he wants it. Gaining the majority of his popularity in 2014, he has already accumulated over 80 million plays of his music on Soundcloud and Youtube.

He may have the EDM world right where he wants it, but when referring to his music he said, “Coldplay doesn’t have to stay within a certain genre, they just go where they go.” He has set his goals where they ought to be, limitless.

Electronic Dance Music is the best, no argument, but why even confine your music to a genre. That is what I took from his statement. However you classify his music, whether it’s EDM, Jazz, or Pop, I am sure he will make great music.

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