Kygo has just released his first official single and it is undoubtedly a banger. While Kygo has been referred to as the next big thing in EDM for a while, the release of this new track, Firestone, should be the push his career needed to open the flood gates.

(Download Firestone Here)

A look at how Firestone is doing should show that the flood gates are indeed open for Kygo, but will the success of Kygo’s career transfer over to all of Tropical House.

Kygo is given much deserved credit for bringing Trop House to it’s present state of popularity. It’s soothing sounds of Caribbean style metal percussion mixed with signature pluck melodies has captivated the hearts and minds of the EDM community. Although Kygo is a major player in the Tropical House corner of EDM, he’s not the only player.

Bakermat, Thomas Jack, Klinande, and Thero are all commonplace names when referencing the Deep House sub-genre. So with the new found success which Kygo will soon see, will success pour over to the previously mentioned artists?

Only time will tell. For now, you can just wait and listen.

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