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If you’re not fond of hockey, free health care, and snow, Keys N Krates will show you that Canada has more to offer than you think. Straight from Toronto, the group formed in 2008 and features Adam Tune on the drums, David Matisse on the keyboard, and Jr. Flo on the wheels of steel. Signed to Dim Mak Records, Every Nite was released on September 23rd.


After the success of their previous EP SOLOW, the group is back with some more fire. Every Nite is a 6 track EP, that takes you on a journey deeper than your average electronic dance music track.


  1. Keys N Krates – Understand Why
  2. Keys N Krates – Hypnotik
  3. Keys N Krates – Are We Faded
  4. Keys N Krates – Yes We Faded
  5. Keys N Krates – Your Love
  6. Keys N Krates – She’s So High

The group does a great job taking you from one track to the next and keys-n-krates-exclusive-2014edm Blog elctronic dance trapany trap enthusiast needs make quick move and download this EP. Understand Why introduces you to the EP and sets the tone for the rest of the project. Steady claps leads you into the rhythmically repetitive chorus before the beat drops out to staccato notes and a rise back into the chorus. As soon as you think you are beginning to understand, the project hits you with Hypnotik, track 2 on the EP. Titled accurately, the track has somewhat of a snake charmer vibe, hypnotically taking you through the variations of the track. Track 3 is Are We Faded and is the lead single off of the project and rightfully so, this track goes hard. I could listen to this track over and over. Big synths and a clean rhythm to a chopped vocal chorus leaves you

Keys-N-Krates-Every-Nite-EP-Dim-Mak Electronic Dance Music Blog Trap

questioning your sobriety. Next on Every Nite is the response to Are We Faded, track 4 is Yes We Faded. This track is great, but in my opinion not on the same level as the previous track. I particularly like Yes We Faded for the near gangster rap sounding intensity it holds, before you know the track’s twists and turns bring you to track 5 on the EP, Your Love. You would have a hard time finding someone who doesn’t like Your Love. The arpeggio is probably my favorite part of the song, I cant help but to pay attention as the group shows it’s skills. She’s So High – funky drums and hype horns – hard to describe really. The best thing you could do is just buy the whole EP so you can listen to this great project in high quality. Every Nite is available on iTunes now.

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