Official DJ Obscene Remix of “Ain’t Easy” by Justin Morelli

Justin Morelli has just released his latest single, “Ain’t Easy”, a follow up to his hit single, “Nobody Like Me”. Justin’s first single has been heating up at radio across the country, with major support coming from Chicago, NY, Miami, & Philadelphia. “Ain’t Easy” was produced by Twice As Nice and will be featured on his upcoming EP due later this year. The track featured here is the Remix.

This track is pretty tight! DJ Obscene always comes correct. Justin Morelli did a great job on the original track so I’m sure there were great vocals to work on a remix. The New York based Singer /  Songwriter definitely shows his vocal talents on the track.

Every star has their moment, and now it’s JUSTIN MORELLI’s turn. His passion, his sound, and his devilishly good looks are the perfect combination for the planet’s next Pop star. “I’ve made it my goal to be one of the best that ever did this, and I won’t stop until I get there,” he says with determination. “I’ve dreamt about this forever.”
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