Johnny Yono gives you everything trance is made of with Poison Whispers EP

Every artist has turning points in their careers where they raise the bar on their productions and elevate to the next level of stardom. Johnny Yono has been delivering quality trance tunes for years now receiving support from every big name in the business, but Poison Whispers marks the next big jump in his unstoppable journey into the trance forefront.

Realesed on noneother than the legendary Perfecto Fluoro imprint, Yono’s first EP comprises of 3 amazing gems in this crowning achievement in trance music. Poison Whispers, which has already received numerous ASOT plays, is a giant tune that has the wonder and introspection to match its monstrous beat. Lucid Eyes’ epic synths and graceful ambiance, does not have quite the grit but just as much soul as the title track. Then lies Everything We’re Made Of, where Yono truly proves his musical prestige by utilizing one of the most effect vocal samples in recent memory to act as the leading hook alongside a triumphant, inspirational breakdown. The EP reflects everything about Johnny we have come to love, heavy progressive beats, deep atmosphere, and an intriguing, dark charm that manages to elevate your senses in a way we do not see from most of today’s trance. It’s his best work yet and you’ll be sure to hear it time and time throughout the year.

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