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For those of you that don’t know, Jeremy Yeh is my Taiwan connection! A cool dude holding it down for Electronic Dance Music everywhere that he goes. After listening to some of his music and hearing what he was trying to do musically, I decided that he deserved his own platform to connect to our readers. Without further delay, let’s get into the interview with Jeremy…
So what part of Taiwan are you from?

I live in Taichung city in Taiwan now for studying at the university and it’s my second year, my hometown is in Taipei though.

How is the nightlife where you are located?
The nightlife here is quiet good, with a lot of energetic and beautiful people, you can easily get enjoyed in the clubs. Some of the big clubs here , for example, are Lobby, X-cube , 18TC, etc… The music fans here I think are still consisted of pop / mainstream music fans, EDM is not quiet popular here nowadays in compare to other festival country, but you can find them are increasing gradually.

Damn, makes me want to visit! So, do you DJ events often or focus more on music production?
I focus 100% in producing.I think I have more interest in producing than djing, because what you are doing is whatever you want ,the things that can represent yourself, and while in producing, you just feel like you’re discovering the universe and keep learning new things everyday, it’s not easy to get bored there. Because I’m just a student now and the culture here is still strange with the EDM -like production, so it’s not easy to get known and find some gigs with your music.Besides ,the djs here emphasize in the skills and the appearance a lot, making dance music is not really common here, but I think performing is still important for an EDM producer, you should go out and interact with people let them connect to you music, and by just making music isn’t easy to survive actually.
Don’t forget that just because making dance music isn’t popular there today, doesn’t mean it won’t be popular tomorrow, you could be ahead of the wave. What do you use to produce your music?

I’m using Ableton Live 9 to produce.I tried Logic before but I choose to work with Ableton because of it’s incredible workflow.The hardwares are just the krk rp5 monitor and krog micro key, really simple.
How did you start producing?

I got into music production when i was 18, it’s not too far from now haha.I learned it by watch a lot of tutorials and related articles online and practice almost 8.9 hours a day.I did invest all the free times I had in it.
What genres influence your music?

I get influence by a variety of genre, most of them i think are the melodic progressive trance music and the hooky Swedish House music. The common features of them are they are both beautiful and elegant, and that’s what i like the most.
Who are your favorite EDM producers?

I like Swedish House Mafia a lot as well as Avicii, because their musics are not only melodic but also really catchy, which I think are some of the most important things to keep in producing music.
Any last words?

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