Jeff Timmons, the man behind 98 Degrees, has decided to take his music career in a new direction which will include Electronic Dance Music.

In case you don’t remember the band that Jeff Timmons is most known for, we will jog your memory. It’s that band from back in the day, that was a boy band when that sort of thing was really popular, and it’s the one Nick Lachey(Jessica Simpson’s ex) was in, and all the girls would buy all the CDs, when buying CDs was really popular….¬† yea, here’s a video to remind you:

A little R&B never hurt anybody. I feel there was probably some genius behind Jeff Timmon’s formation of the boy band anyhow. He formed the group after dropping out of college while studying psychology and their boy band is different because they were formed independently, while most boy bands are formed by a record label. It’s almost as if Jeff Timmons saw the light at the end of the tunnel, using the boy band as a marketing tool and a vehicle towards success. If that was the case, touch√©.

Either way Jeff Timmons has left 98 Degrees and is that girl cover art edm blog edm exclusivedefinitely focusing on more of an EDM sound. His new Single, That Girl, utilizes a lot of EDM characteristics while still having a Pop vibe. IMHO, I feel that the song should have had just a little more energy, bigger sounds, drops, really dove into the EDM side. Then again, I am likely not the target market.

Check out Jeff Timmons new EDM sound below:

If you like what you heard, then download it now on iTunes and follow him on Twitter!

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