Intoxicated to Say the Least

The rapid rise of electronic music took a turn for the best when British’s Diageo Smirnoff announced mid last week, their partnership with Live Nation to sponsor 26 major festivals across the world. Some notable festivals including: Electric Daisy, Hard, Wonderland, and even Wireless.Smirnoff is attempting to do what various other beverage companies have done before, market their product in an environments that condones a “good time” and what better way to have a good time, than adding some vodka into the mix.

Smirnoff initially put their foot in the door by introducing the Smirnoff Sound Collective. the Collective included some major DJ’s such as Steve Aoki, Zed’s Dead, and Tommy Trash. Martin Bruhn, of Smirnoff’s global marketing department, saw the opportunity market his brand to youthful vivacious audience. “Smirnoff as a brand is all about inclusivity, enjoying life and having a great time, so we saw a natural fit in the electronic music genre and lifestyle. What we’re trying to do is not just advertise our way to success but act our way to success.”  This move was long overdue as we have seen other beverage companies get involved with different music genre’s before.

In the world of hip hop, and alternative music, beverage companies market their product effortlessly. Sean Combs’s Ciroc is at the forefront of hip hop, with select few artists tagging themselves as “#CirocBoyz”. Energy Drink, Red Bull’s has formed the infamous Red Bull Music Academy in Tokyo along with its. Monster, as well, entered the game with their partnership with  iStandard, a national liver performance company. All these partnerships are still growing respectively in their fields, we can only think Smirnoff will do the same in EDM.

Kudos to Smirnoff for investing in the world of EDM and seeing potential to market their alcohol. I can only guess next to come, will be GTA and Martin Solveig’s “Intoxicated” being chosen as the theme song for commercials to come.

Written by Terance

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