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Brothers Evolution is a duo comprised of Remy & Cyril from Switzerland. They might not be household names yet, but these two DJs are ready to take the EDM game head on.

How is it to work as a duo? I’m sure it could be difficult sometimes. Do you guys have conflicting interests or styles?

It’s so great to be 2 for the music because it’s a lot of work. Each one makes a part of the work (promo, mix, production). And when we make a track together, one starts the project and the other one will complete it. Each one has a lot of good ideas and together it sounds great ! Nope. We are pretty close on the style, it’s why we’re working together.

There always has to be good vibes when collaborating with other artists. How about your geographic location. How did Switzerland affect your musical styles?

Not very much, we are listening a lot of EDM which isn’t coming from Switzerland. But we have friends here in Lausanne with who we can work sometimes (FRCH, Bad Nelson,…)

That’s cool, at least you have some like minded people over there. What do you guys enjoy more, making music or performing?

We love both of them. We love to make music and with music production we can have a name and have some gigs. But performing in front of people and playing our tracks is so exciting !

It’s got to be a one-of-a-kind type of a feeling. Who are your favorite producers out right now?

We have big inspirations from Merk & Kremont, but we love Deorro, Julian Calor, Makj, Dyro, Kryder, you know some EDM superstars. But we specially love incoming producers like Party Killers, Deficio, Oliver Morgan,…

Some undeniable talent in that line up. What do you guys have planned for 2015?

For this year, we’ve planned a lot of new tracks, some collaborations, some gigs in Switzerland and we hope more Beatport top100 and of course being playlisted by big artists 😀

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