Gwen Stefani never puts on a bad performance. With her wide range of vocal ability and skill, she really puts out great music. Although she doesn’t always utilize the sounds of Electronic Dance Music, her music has increasingly drifted towards a more EDM oriented sound.

You can purchase Gwen Stefani ‘Baby Don’t Lie’ on iTunes Now

On her newest release, ‘Baby Don’t Lie’, her song is filled with synths and Electronic Dance Music characteristics, it’s a very Pop track none the less. This track will surely be a hit on the radio soon enough. Furthermore, regardless of it the EDM based sounds it uses through out the track, it certainly qualifies as EDM blog news based on the simple fact that there will be dozens of EDM remixes to ‘Baby Don’t Lie’ once the DJs get around to it.

You should keep in mind that Calvin Harris recently previewed the latest single off of his album, Motion. The single titled, Together, featured Gwen Stefani. It’s pretty brilliant marketing tactics by spreading Gwen Stefani’s unique sound, style, and fan base across two separate tracks exponentially increasing promotional power. Check out the Calvin Harris Single in our previous article.

Songs like this are great works from great artists. It really reminds you that there are still people that put their hardest work into their music. Producers Benny Blanco, Ryan Tedder and Noel Zancanella had their hand in writing the song with Gwen Stefani, and all will soon see this song rise to great success.

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