EDM Review | Robin Schulz – Prayer

Robin Schulz, a German born electronic DJ who has been known for creating remix to todays most electrifying songs has finally come out with his first album, Prayer. This album was released on September 19, 2014 and contains worldwide hits that have been topping charts such as Waves, Prayer in C, Sun Goes Down and Rather Be. Personally, reviewing and jamming out to this album, my personal favorites have to be the singles from the album, Waves and Sun Goes Down (as seen below).
His remix to Waves reached the top of the charts in Austria, Belgium, the UK, Switzerland, Sweden and more while simultaneously breaking into the top 10 in Canada, Finland, Denmark, Ireland, Spain and Italy. One of Robins largest accomplishments, Prayer in C which was released as a single in June of 2014 was able to become the number one song in over 14 countries worldwide. Overall, the album Prayer has once again reenforced Robins unique and alternative sound in the world of House Music with 20 great songs, including features from Coldplay, Mr. Probz, Ping Pong, Lykke Li and Lilly Wood. In 2014, Prayer was ranked 8th place on the Top Electronic Albums and then was able to jump up to 3rd in 2015. For the rest of the list of awards giving to Prayer, check out http://www.allmusic.com/album/prayer-mw0002736712.
With immense talent, this young DJ has been able to create a massive fan base that spreads across the global, supporting his every move, especially his first album as it contains so many memorable, catchy alternative House songs. For anyone who is looking to see Robin Schulz in the near future, he is travelling the world in 2015, reaching Australia, North America, Europe and Asia in a span of 5 months. He will be attending Future Music Festival in its 2015 tour as it touches down across Australia as well as Singapore. Tickets for this event are currently at $159 and can be purchased at www.futuremusicfestival.comHe will then be back in his home country of Germany electrifying crowds on April 18th (in Cologne) as well as from May 6 to July 6 (in Frankfurt).
For all of the lucky people who have already got tickets or plan on getting them soon, enjoy Robin, his amazingly well done album Prayer and his unique twist on the generic House sound.
Written with PLUR, @alex_bensonn

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