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Welcome Selena Gomez to EDM! I, myself was skeptical when hearing that she was collaborating with ZEDD however after just listening to ‘I Want You To Know’ for the first time, i love it! It’s clear to see how it got to #1 on iTunes after one hour after being released and if you haven’t listened to this song, then i highly encourage it.

With a catchy verse and an unreal drop, this song is sure to make it to all the upcoming festivals this summer. When put into iTunes, the first video to come up was posted 1 day ago and already has 75 663 views.
     Word is, the song’s lyrics are of Selena favourably comparing ZEDD who happens to be her current boyfriend with ex-boyfriend Justin Beiber. Although it’s all speculation, it helps add to the hype of the newly released hit song. With the new couple working on Selena’s album, hopefully we’ll be hearing more hits like this one.
     Now for all you nay-sayers, those who either don’t like Selena or don’t think they should be mixed, i understand your concern. The fear is that pop music singers will take over EDM and make it mainstream. Do not fear, one listen to the song and you’ll realize that they were able to immerse Selena’s pop cultured voice to a great beat created by ZEDD without making it so mainstream. I personally can’t wait to hear this song at a festival and dance with my rave squad!
All my love, @blueboo__

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