The duo of Flume and Ehom Instead is one that is now in the history books as Flume has recently departed their collaborative enterprise What So Not. On February 21st, Flume posted on the What So Not Facebook page saying that due to a growing creative difference between the two and a lack of recent joint music, he would be leaving. He thanked his friend Ehom for all the hard work and dedication he has had for their works and wished him a good luck in his future works. The unexpected splitting of What So Not has brought an immense amount of shock to the fans as it was kept very low key that their were problems occurring. These two have been creating masterpieces together such as “High You Are” and “Tell Me” (ft. RL Grime) since 2011. Luckily for the fans, they still have one more treat for everyone which is an EP that was created last year which is soon to be released. On this EP, features such as Skrillex will be helping What So Not light up the DJ booth for the last time. This will be their last work together as Ehom will continue touring as What So Not, playing at up coming festivals such as Coachella.
Emoh’s been the sole touring member of What So Not for over a year now and hats off to him, he’s done an amazing job playing to crowds around the world and here at home. I know he’ll continue to slay it, as far as the live shows go nothing has changed, go see him play.”
Although Flumes decision to leave is a sad one, his support and best wishes are with Ehom Instead as well as the thousands of fans worldwide that loved their work together. Their duo will be one that is missed, but we can all be excited and fortunate that What So Not and Flume will continue to create incredible music that will be heard on stages across the world. 
Written by yours truly, @alex_bensonn

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