EDM News | Diplo produces track for Madonna and Nicki Minaj

Diplo, an EDM DJ and producer who has touched every single ravers hearts at least once. Born in Tupelo, Mississippi, the man that we have come to know as Diplo is actually Thomas Wesley Pentz. At the current age of 36, Diplo is apart of 4 major labels; Big Dada, Mad Decent, Hyatt Records as well as Atlantic. Mad Decent is his record company which he founded in 2008 and still manages. Diplo has worked with many artists including, Beyonce, Snoop Dogg and No Doubt, just to name a few. Those however, that he is consistently associated with are among the names of Iggy Azalea, MIA, Major Lazor (his group), and Skrillex. With all these amazing artists by his side, how can he ever fall from this pedestal, built by the many accomplishments, loyal fans and tireless drive?

     Songs like Boy Oh Boy (GTA), Tennis Court (Lorde Remix) and Sweet Nothing with Calvin Harris have all brought him to an interesting collaboration. Madonna and Nikki Minaj? What do we think people? A combination like no other before, these three came up with “Bitch, I’m Madonna”.
With mixed reviews, this song has an “old pop” sounding start but soon follows with what i personally find to be a very dirty drop. At 2:08 Nikki hits us with a verse that ends Madonna’s rant of getting freaky all night long for 25 seconds. Nikki brings her Queen of Rap swag to this song to change up the pace and make dancers go from jumping and head-banging to bumping and grinding. Overall a good beat but will take some getting used to as main stream artists continue to make their way into the EDM genre.
     With Diplo continuing to break ground with songs and artists alike, he is going to come across not only forever loyal fans, but also haters who will bash any work he does. In saying this, those ‘nay-sayers’ will never stop the thirst that Diplo shows to try and be the first to do things. With 13 years under his belt, i’m sure we’ll be dancing, loving and even sometimes questioning Diplo’s music for years to come.
All my love, @blueboo__

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