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Dan Stone is no rookie to the Trance scene. He’s been making his rounds and getting nothing but respect. A look at his resume will show you all you need to see, check out his discography on his site:  http://djdanstone.com/

It’s always good to be able to get some insight from experienced members of the Trance community. Here’s the EDM Exclusive interview with…

edm interview

How did you get started in deejaying?

I got my first club residency at the age of 17 playing various styles of dance music at the time it was house, trance and speed garage. Must be nearly 19 years ago now! Showing my age 😉 he he!
Well it’s 19 years of gaining valuable experience! How did Norfolk influence your taste in music and your music production?
Norfolk never really was at the hub of the trance music movement, it had a short spell when it was commercial back in 1999, but didn’t last long, so I guess Norfolk inspired me to move away from the local scene towards a wider more consistent underground audience.

So it was more of an effect due to lack of action, as far as Trance in Norfolk,  rather than a reaction, that’s interesting. How is the United Kingdoms electronic music scene different than the United States, in your opinion?

In my own personal opinion, the UK has quite a healthy 138/140 scene right now and it’s def come back in a big way, where as in the US it seems like its still growing especially with the dominance of EDM & House music.
Very true! As far as the EDM scene, I like to look at EDM as an all inclusive term for Dance music, but I know exactly how you’re referencing it. The EDM debate could last all day in itself. What equipment do you like to use for music production?
Logic on Macbook.
Can’t go wrong with that. What was the most fun you ever had at an event you were deejaying?
I think the most fun had to be playing a boat party in London on the river Thames this summer. Always a great crowd and atmosphere. Quite funny DJing while the boat is rocking from side to side, ha ha!
Sounds fun! Just imagine if you were using vinyls, the needle would’ve been skipping all over. What do you feel you bring to an event’s atmosphere when you DJ? What is unique to your style?
I wouldn’t say my style is unique, I’m just myself when I’m behind the decks, love seeing the reactions from the crowd to my new material and I’d like to think they get a buzz from my enjoyment. Nothing worse than a ‘too cool to smile’ DJ that looks like they don’t wanna be there!
DJ’s bring enjoyment so I agree, they should definitely be having a good time themselves! I understand if a DJ is stressed out though too, maybe there are limited exceptions to the smiling haha. You’ve done a lot of shows and have a lot of experience in the music industry, what are a few tips you would give to an aspiring producer?
All I would say is stick at it, it will be really tough at times and most of all produce what you personally love! There are too many sheep in this industry, be yourself.
Sheep syndrome is a serious epidemic in the electronic dance music scene. How difficult was it to get to the position you are at now?
Very hard, a lot of knock backs over the years and at times I  dan stone edm blogthought about packing it in, but you just have to keep going and eventually even though at the time you don’t think so, it will pay off.
Thankfully, you were able to push through the tough times to make it to the brighter days. Where do you want to see your career in 5 years?

I’d like to be touring a lot more (every producers dream ha ha!), I feel if I keep up the momentum on my productions like this year, the gigs side should pick up more. There’s already some big bookings lined up for 2015, can’t wait!
Awesome, I have to go catch one of your events. Who is your favorite producer out now and why?
That’s a tough one 😉 There’s a few, Ucast is one of them, lately he’s been knocking out some awesome banging uplift! Ian Standerwick & ReOrder have had an immense year too and I’m always supporting their stuff. Also nice to see the return of Paul Miller and Adam Nickey too, always been a fan.
There’s definitely some quality production within those names. What’s the best way for your fans to get in contact with you?
Sounds good. Any last words?
Thanks for the interview and you’ll be seeing a lot more from me this year! 😉

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