The video above is a public service announcement that has been released in Canada. The Toronto police have helped produce the informative, yet comedic, video which helps to shed some light on the drug that is so popular in the EDM festival scene.

The video is trying to point out that while many people believe they’re taking MDMA, the pure form of ecstasy, what Molly is actually supposed to be, many drug dealers or makers dilute their product with other drugs like meth and heroine, or traditionally non-recreational chemicals. The reason they’re doing this is to increase their profits. If a drug dealer has to spend “X” (no pun intended) amount on MDMA he can mix it with a cheaper drug or chemical and sell it to an unsuspecting consumer at the higher MDMA price. He’s simply increasing his profits.

The majority of Molly you will find at EDM festivals, contains a minimal amount of MDMA. The Canadian public service announcement isn’t trying to tell people that MDMA is OK either, they just want people to be aware of what they’re putting into their body.

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