EDM News | Blasterjaxx: New Single, Collaborations, and Their Radio Show

Thom Jongkind and Idir Makhlaf, the two Dutch DJs and producers who make up the group Blasterjaxx have been putting in their fair share of hard work lately. After spending much of the their time on the road and performing it’s hard to see how they have time to do much more.

They have their new radio show ‘Maxximise On Air’ which is growing in Europe. It features exclusive tracks from plenty of big names in the EDM community. With a reach of over 500 stations, ‘Maxximise On Air’ is showing signs of being a great success if it is not already considered that.

The EDM duo has also recently confirmed collaborations with W&W and DJ Timo Romme AKA MOTi. Their last single,  ‘Beautiful World’, was a great sign that their collaborations have plenty of power behind them. The single features DBSTF and is available on iTunes!

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