It’s common place for DJs and producers alike to hire ‘specialists’ to assist in their professional recording processes. What people might not know is exactly how often this happens; it happens often, very often.

It’s not limited by any genre really either, from Hip Hop to Country music, from Pop to the sacred Electronic Dance Music, ghost DJs, producers, writers, and even singers are hired to complete certain tasks associated with recording.

The unmentioned feelings towards this, is that the misleading practices which are the basic characteristics of ghost production, leaves us feeling as if we were lied to. There is no real reason to point any fingers or put down any artists for utilizing ghost producers, because so many people do it, and truthfully they still ‘produced’ the music in the sense they organized that session.

It’s hard to say what’s right or wrong in this situation. Ultimately Mat Zo Twitter Confession - EDMMat Zo couldn’t live with his guilt any longer. He needed to get the pressure off his chest, so he came clean and washed himself of his sins via Twitter the other day.

At least he’s one of the few with integrity in the music industry. I think this makes him a greater member of the EDM community than he was before. He should take pride in the action he took, he coudld’ve gone the easier route like most artists do in the Electronic Dance Music scene and the music industry in general, he could’ve continued using ghost mixers and continued on getting an easy check.

I feel this is almost a more important series of events than it is actually receiving credit for. I want to hear more mixes by the DJs  who say they are mixing them, I want to hear more singing from the singers who say they are singing (that does happen), and I want to hear more production from the producers who say they are producing! Every EDM Blog should be reporting on this important news to the EDM community.


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