EDM Exclusive Interview with Given Jeans

If you aren’t familiar with Given Jeans, you should get familiar. The music is on point and he’s definitely going places. His Soundcloud is filled with mashups and EDM remixes to keep your head rocking!

Where are you from and where were you raised?

I´m from Germany, Hannover. I was born in Hanover and I was raised here.

Beautiful Germany! I’ve been only once before. EDM is pretty big out there to say the least. How did your city have an influence on your music?

There were 2 steps where my city influenced my music. Right in the beginning of Deejaying: there were artists like Marek Hemman popular in Hanover, so very deep, minimal music. But I came over this Genre very quickly.

After this there was Hard Electro in Hannover. This Genre influenced me way more. Acts like Dumme Jungs or Fool where part of it.

That´s maybe the reason why I like the hard-hitting Electro Drops so much. But I still like to listen to deep music like Möwe or De Hofnar as well. After these two Steps there was nothing anymore which influenced me, I developed my own style of music.

Hard-hitting Electro drops are always good. You seem pretty in touch with your music, how long have you been producing and how did you get started?

I started producing in the end of 2013. My old laptop broke and I had to buy a new one, so I bought a Mac and could install Logic Pro. That´s how I got started.

Almost sounds like an Apple commercial lol. What other type of equipment do you like to use for production?

I like to keep things simple. So I have my Mac, connected it to a bigger screen, have an interface on it and a Midi keyboard. Thats all I need at the moment. For the future I maybe think about a NI Maschine, but thats far away.

You should check out our EDM Gear – AKAI MPK49 Review. If you could perform at any show in the world, where would you most want to perform and why?

If I had the chance to perform wherever I want to, I would probably perform at Tomorrowland. That sounds commercial but Tomorrowland is the Festival with most energy crowd, and for a DJ it is probably the best Crowd of a festival in the whole world.

That’s a good answer, no need on questioning commercialism. At the end of the day, you do whatever you want to do, but I understand what you are saying. What is your favorite genre of music? Why?

I love Electro and Bigroom house. For me it´s the music with the most energy. I love hard hitting drops in combination with beautiful synth and melos. In this genre you can do everything, you can close your eyes and enjoy a beautiful melody, and a few seconds later you can jump your whole energy out of your body.

What is your favorite thing about making Electronic Dance Music and DJing?

The favorite thing on making music is for me that, I can bring my own Ideas into a Track. I can make music which I love to listen to.
The favorite thing on Deejaying is for me to feel all the energy of the people. I love to play with the crowd, to animate them and to jump with them. And of course I love to get all the emotions.


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