EDM Blog | Should a DJ get paid more than a doctor?

Anesthesiologists in the United States of America get paid $113 on average. That pushes the position to reach a mean annual salary just above $235,000. Keep in mind, this salary is what is paid to a person who is given the immense responsibility of handling human life. Should an anesthesiologists accidentally administer an overdose, an apology to a patient is often too little too late. Fair enough, most people believe that the incomparable job stress faced by an anesthesiologist qualifies them for a salary which reflects the responsibility.

What about entertainers? Well, what about them? What immense responsibility is burdened on them? Surely, if Lebron James loses a game, no lives will be lost as a direct result of the loss. Of course, if an individual can’t settle his gambling wagers and an angry bookie buries him 6-feet deep, he certainly may have lost his life as a result of Lebron James’s loss, but let’s notice that he lost it as an indirect result. The bookie is the one who is directly impacting the individual, not Lebron. Now, let’s think about electronic dance music and where the scene has gone.

Elecronic Dance Music is at it’s core, entertainment. EDM is nothing more and nothing less. What is the justification for the billions of dollars collectively being paid to these EDM producers. Calvin Harris is allegedly closing a deal with Hakkasan Group in Las Vegas. The deal which will lock the EDM producer in as a resident DJ for the group, is rumored to pay Calvin Harris approximately $400,000 per gig!

With one gig, Calvin Harris can earn more money than an anesthesiologist. Is that ok? I guess it is. We create this demand through our own society. The value of something is whatever we are willing to pay for it. If a nightlife company is willing to dish out $400,000 to an entertainer for one gig, than there must be a customer base willing to spend an exasperating amount of cash to be able to see Calvin Harris perform.

The fact of the matter is that, if it requires you to spend too much of your resources in one location, you should find an alternative method to reach your destination. Realistically Calvin Harris is not just an other DJ, he is an EDM star, better yet a Pop Star. Although he may not undertake the stressful endeavors many doctors undertake, he certainly has his fair share of stress.

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