This KickStrarter is almost out of time so, unfortunately I don’t think this post will have the greatest effect. Either way here is the link:

Check it out, it pretty dope. Hopefully you get to it before it ends.

Here is some info pulled from it:

“After litteraly 1000+ hours of work it is finally time to take the next step

What other backers say

Derek Sivers (founder CD Baby): “Cool! I just contributed..”

Sir Jordi: “awesome music! I hope you reach the goal!”

Sam Blazek: “Good luck with it, hope to see the release!”
hopefully more comments soon…


My Background

Born in 1971 Maassluis, the Netherlands I grew up listening to all kinds of music (Jarre, Vangelis, Queen, etc.). With my old synthesizer, a Korg Poly Six, I imitated every tune I heard on the radio.

I started to make songs and decided to put them on the internet ( The response was overwhelming and after a year I was actually making money with it.

With 2,5 million listens to my music it was getting quite known and I started to get some offers for different releases, I did some and declined some. I resigned my day job and started composing and producing fulltime.

When stopped I started my own music label DZOS Records where I released two albums under my aka Rody Coronel.

Goal of this project

To release a best of album with my best uptempo melodic trance track. Below you will find the tracks that I have in mind for this. There is litterally over thousand hours work in these tracks and it would be great to see those together on a compilation album. Please remember that the final sound quality of the tracks on the album will be a lot better since they will undergo a professional mastering job first.”

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