If you have been to any festival or rave in the past decade, you have seen rave gear here rave gear there, kandi this and kandi that. If you’re a female, then a bra or corset has been what you’ve probably been after. Amie is on point. She provides EDM female fans with the gear they need.

Amie is putting together custom bras and corset for girls at an affordable price. The pink one is a mermaid bra she made for pier of fear in NY, the queen of hearts one was also made for pier of fear, the candy one with the hearts was made for a customer in New Hampshire, the peacock bra was made for electric zoo 2014, and the last bra was made for EDC NY 2014.

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She does take custom orders and ships her EDM festival gear all over the world. She’s very reasonable with prices and does corsets as well as the bras.

She’s based out of New York and you can contact her via Instagram @customravebrasbyamiee & also her Etsy which is:


Email: amieem1@aol.com

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