Frozen has held the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart for 12 weeks and is this years most sold album so far, selling over 2.1 million copies. This is huge for Disney Music Group’s ranking in the Dance music genre. With Frozen as an overwhelming leader on the Dance charts, many other labels are losing market shares to this one project. Looking at market share alone Disney, surpassing Interscope Geffen A&M, has just taken the number 4 spot at 6.7% market share. This is a great success for Disney, who trails closely behind Columbia Records with 8.5% market share, Republic Records with 7.9%, and Capitol Music Group with 7.6%. Last year at this time Disney Music Group only had 1.1% market share, now you see the difference Frozen has made.

Disney does have some promising artists, but if they have enough of an artist foundation to hold this spot is the real question. Disney plans to release Dconstructed which will feature Disney songs remixed to EDM by names like Armin van Buuren and Avicii. They are doing something right by that project, as corny and commercial as it may be. They are taking songs with proven success and fan support (of which they own all royalties #given), getting them remixed by huge names in the genre they are targeting, and I’m sure these songs will feature their Disney farm nurtured artists like Demi Lovato which will help build their fan base. I’m not looking forward to the project, but just think it was a smart move on their part.

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