The new album titled While (1<2) is a reference which would be recognized if you’re fond of programming / code. Looping a command as long as 1 is < 2 is saying to loop infinitely, because the 1 is always less than 2. So he is basically saying to put his album on infinite replay. He has also released the cover art for the album which is featured above. The album will be one of the biggest releases of the year, a double disc LP with 25 tracks fine tuned to perfection. Deadmau5 says this would be the first release of his that he would even consider an album, the rest he considers “compilations.” It seems there is a lot to look forward to here for any EDM fan, especially any Deadmau5 fan. If you can’t wait until June 17th to order While (1<2), you can pre-order on May 20th and receive the first single Avaritia which was previously released via Soundcloud.

The single Avaritia is below:

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