Calvin Harris, Daft Punk, Skrillex and so much more (Minus the Daft Punk #Bogus)! Coachella is arguably the biggest event of the year. Since it’s introduction in 1999, it has grown, a lot. Coachella currently receives over 225,000 attendees per weekend, with the 2014 show featuring 184 artists. As far as electronic dance music goes, Skrillex shut it down, Calvin Harris is a huge name and had a great set, and Daft Punk really wasn’t Daft Punk (lol kudos to Arcade Fire to adding a twist to their show). Skrillex performed his set from the cockpit of his space fighter ship (stage prop, not actual). The piece of gear was massive and with coordinated laser, smoke, and sound effects Skrillex appeared to be flying his ship as he edumacated the crowd on bass.

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