Che’Nelle Interview

1. Looking at your resume, it doesn’t take long to notice that it seems you’ve been around the world and back again. Do you think your exposure to global influences at a young age had a substantial affect on your music? If so, how?
Y​es i do, because coming from a place like Malaysia and then after that Australia, ​I​ wasn’t just listening to A​merican music growing up. I listened to all kinds of genres of music including songs in so many different languages. Plenty of cultural native songs from my country too, ​although ​I​ might not have been aware of it because it was just so apart of my life, ​I ​wouldn’t doubt at all that my influences has stemmed from all that.
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2. That’s what I had suspected. Beyond the music, as you are an experienced traveler, where is your favorite place in the world and why?
​T​hat​’​s so so tough..because it depends why its my favorite lol food wise, scenery wise, people, entertainment​. ​I​ have a different country for each of that.. but I would say LA only because its home now and its the place that ​I​ can’t wait to be back to after working and traveling everywhere.. its my comfort city, my friends are here, my husband, my couch my car lol

3. That’s understandable. Prior to you getting signed to Virgin, when they flew you out to New York, what was going through your mind? 

Gosh that was so long ago.. ​I​ remember thinking something along the lines of.. “wow this really is happening, I’ve never been to America before and all my dreams are coming true so fast”.. haha

4. That was at the end of 2005, and a lot has changed in your music since then. Your latest single “Fierce” has an undeniable electronic musaic vibe to the beat. How would you best describe the inspiration to that song?

yes a LOTTTTTT has changed… ​I ​went from reggae pop to rub to pop to ballads to pop to dance to pop ahahah. so… ​I’​m just a pop artist when it really comes down to it.. I’m an ‘allpop’ artist.. whether its dance pop, rock pop, ballad pop rub pop.. I’​m pop man.. #chenellepop haha..
The song “Fierce” is undeniably my personality.. and my personality is a mix of energetic, encouraging, positive fun and full of love. i wrote the song without any real instrumental to it … the focus was: vibe out, what positive message do i want to spread, keep it fun, sexy and make sure it feels good. The message is clearly about self acceptance, self empowerment, being comfortable in your own skin.. really finding or celebrating whats fierce about you.
5. Well, some people can’t help, but to be pop-ular! What was the biggest mistake you feel you’ve made in the music industry?
Not taking enough risks.

6. Scared money, doesn’t make money. How is it to be a part of Mr. 305 inc?

​It was fun, still is 😉

7. Well it’s good to have fun! Where do you see your career in 5 years?

​I​ have no idea.. but acting would be so much fun.. and another world to challenge myself in.

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8. With your talent, I’m sure you can be successful at whatever you put your effort towards. If you could give an aspiring singer one piece of advice, what would it be?

​Never give up, trust, always be open to learning, consistency, self awareness.

9. That’s a strong list, probably much more value in those words than the average person would notice. What projects do you have lined up for 2015?

​A tour, new merchandise, new single releases, new single with me and Shifta, campaigns, travelling, collabs and anything else god decides to sprinkle me with 😉

10. Any last words?

​T​hank you for the amazing support, I​ hope everyone gets an opportunity to live well and happy and ​I ​hope you enjoy my new album @chenelleworld~~ !! I will see you all on my ​I​nstagr​am, ​Facebook​ and T​witter.

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