Calvin Harris, recently announced as the Forbes 2014 highest paid DJ, is currently earning approximately 66 Million dollars per year. Mind boggling, I know. It’s hard to rap your brain around those numbers, but the facts don’t lie. Calvin Harris has found his formula for success and he’s not changing it anytime soon. You may have noticed in his past, Calvin Harris releases high quality music on LP’s littered with chart smashing hits. These hits are no accident, Calvin Harris plans out his road to LP longevity with meticulous detail in his marketing campaigns.

It seems that Calvin Harris is sticking to his formula with his upcoming album, Motion. Including the hits we already know Summer and Blame, it seems the electronic music industry can prepare for an other couple of years of new Calvin Harris music blasting from their speakers. I should only assume that the increased growth in his track listing will reciprocate his earnings in a relative manner.


What does Calvin Harris do with all his money? He buys a 15 million dollar house. That’s the news anyhow. His new Beverly Hills home include 10 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, and takes up approximately 18,000 square feet. Take a look at the mansion in the pics below.

His new album, Motion, will be available November 4th! Don’t forget to go buy it!

Mansion1 mansion2-1 mansion2 Mansion3 Mansion4

Calvin-Mansion1-600x428 Calvin-Mansion2-600x428 Calvin-Mansion3-600x428 Calvin-Mansion4-600x428 Calvin-Mansion5-600x428 Calvin-Mansion6-600x428 Calvin-Mansion7-600x428 Calvin-Mansion8-600x428 Calvin-Mansion9-600x428 Calvin-Mansion10-600x428

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