It’s been 24 months since “18 Months” and Calvin Harris isCalvin Harris | EDM Blog finally back with his 4th official studio album release, “Motion”. The Scottish producer & DJ has released one of his best albums yet.

The album has received mixed reviews from EDM enthusiasts, but has overall been rated in a positive light. Both Billboard & Rolling Stone gave Motion a positive review. For the most part, Motion, has a barrage of advantages to it.

Calvin Harris – Motion Tracklisting:

Name Artist Time Price
1 Faith Calvin Harris 3:39 $1.29 View In iTunes
2 Under Control (feat. Hurts) Calvin Harris & Alesso 3:04 $1.29 View In iTunes
3 Blame (feat. John Newman) Calvin Harris 3:32 $1.29 View In iTunes
4 Love Now (feat. All About She) Calvin Harris 3:38 $1.29 View In iTunes
5 Slow Acid Calvin Harris 3:41 $1.29 View In iTunes
6 Outside (feat. Ellie Goulding) Calvin Harris 3:47 $1.29 View In iTunes
7 It Was You Calvin Harris & Firebeatz 3:44 $1.29 View In iTunes
8 Summer Calvin Harris 3:42 $1.29 View In iTunes
9 Overdrive Calvin Harris & Ummet Ozcan 4:51 $1.29 View In iTunes
10 Ecstasy (feat. Hurts) Calvin Harris 3:41 $1.29 View In iTunes
11 Pray to God (feat. HAIM) Calvin Harris 3:52 $1.29 View In iTunes
12 ExplicitOpen Wide (feat. Big Sean) Calvin Harris 3:07 $1.29 View In iTunes
13 Together (feat. Gwen Stefani) Calvin Harris 3:38 $1.29 View In iTunes
14 Burnin Calvin Harris & R3hab 3:54 $1.29 View In iTunes
15 ExplicitDollar Signs (feat. Tinashe) Calvin Harris 3:56 $1.29 View In iTunes

The barrage of advantages I was referring to in Calvin Harris’ Motion is partially evident in the tracklisting above. The tracklisting features a multitude of artists with varying unique sounds and advantages.Calvin Harris - Motion | Album Review | EDM BlogAlthough having a diverse group of featured artists is obviously an advantage from a marketing point of view, it would also be advantageous from a listeners point of view. It allows Calvin Harris to switch up the sound of his music without having to do too much on his end.

The negative side to this album lies within personal preferences I feel. I’ve heard people say that the songs sound formulated, as in A+B=C and C equls a hit record so, he just keeps doing A+B over and over again.  I feel this is personal preference, because there is actually a decent range of sounds on the album. So you considering them all to sound too similar will be based on your thresholds of similarity.

Motion has a wide scope of production. The varying production style of Calvin Harris adds to the listenability and enjoyment of the over all album.

Must Listen

Stand out tracks on the album include Slow Acid, Pray to God, Burnin… I was going song to song while I was considering what to mention for this part of the review, and honestly you should buy the whole album, listen to it all the way through. It really is a great album, with a lot to listen to. The album certainly has enough good songs to keep the EDM community listening contently for years to come. At the very least you will get decent songs, but you may be surprised how fast some of these songs grow on you.

A perfect example of a song growing on me from this album is Tinashe & Calvin Harris | EDM Blog“Dollar Signs” feat. Tinashe. I feel this song reminds of some of Calvin Harris’ earlier work, but at the same time it’s on the cutting edge of music trends. Originally I was neither a fan of the vocals or the drop. From the beginning I had like the lyrics though. After the fourth time listening to this track, wow… it goes hard! This is probably the fastest I have gone from completely disliking a song, to being a fan of it.

As far as EDM news goes, the release of Motion is probably one of the biggest stories of the year. It is certainly one of the biggest album releases of the year within EDM and in other genres. As an EDM blog we aim to bring you accurate EDM news, so we do take careful consideration with what we say. Overall Calvin Harris – Motion deserves 4/5 stars, despite all the naysayers. Most albums would be lucky to have just one song of such high caliber, while Calvin Harris delivers throughout.

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