BenZel – Men EP Tracklisting:

Name Artist Time Price
1 Wasted Love BenZel & Stevie Neale 3:26 $1.29 View In iTunes
2 Just a Thought (feat. Cashmere Cat & Ryn Weaver) BenZel 3:08 $1.29 View In iTunes
3 ExplicitFour (feat. Juicy J & Cashmere Cat) BenZel 3:36 $1.29 View In iTunes
4 Touch (feat. Ryn Weaver) BenZel 3:05 $1.29 View In iTunes
5 Wasted Love (Spectrasoul Remix) BenZel & Stevie Neale 5:20 $1.29 View In iTunes

Benny Blanco and Ben Ash, who are BenZel, have just released their EP, Men. Titled as such, likely, to rid their image of any possible confusions that might BenZel Revealed | EDM Bloghave come up from their previous group identity:

BenZel is the (magical) life of Umi Takahashi and Yoko Watanabe. Originally from Osaka; Umi and Yoko both travelled to New York through their foreign exchange program. They met in early 2012 through an online message board about ankle socks and quickly discovered they each had a profound for 90’s R&B and J. Dilla. After many failed attempts to create a hypoallergenic ankle sock, they decided to put their efforts towards other creative ventures. Following hours of soul searching: they decided to start BenZel… they’ve been working on it since yesterday.

In case you missed it, here’s some of their earlier work:

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