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If you haven’t heard of BamBooRa, you will be a minority soon enough. His skill and devotion are a sure formula for success in the EDM world. We recently posted a track release of his titled, Tizona, and have received great feedback. So naturally, a follow up interview was in order.

Originally from Istanbul, Turkey he is now in Boston, USA. He has been busy with nonstop shows. His music production is on point. With out further delay, let’s get into the interview:

So where did the name BamBooRa come from?

My name is Bugra (pronounced as Boora) so it was a nick name I picked up when I was in college.

The classic case of college nickname syndrome. How do you like Boston?

I love Boston. It is a modern city filled with intelligent and hard working people. One of America’s most historic cities and definitely reminds me of Europe in some ways.

There really is a lot of history in Boston. I’ve actually never been and need to head out there. How is Boston’s music scene, specifically the electronic music scene, different from the rest of the U.S. and the world?

Boston’s music scene is developing very fast. We have a lot of colleges here which brings in a lot of young minds from all corners of the World. There is a big interest in throwing big parties and bringing in touring DJs these days. The clubs and venues however are not up to par with the other metropolitans in America and definitely far behind the rest of the World.

You hit a good point when mentioning the many colleges in Boston. Colleges provide the opportune demographic to support a thriving music scene. What is the most fun you’ve had while DJing?

I always have fun while Djing. It is something I do to enjoy myself while sharing the music I like. The most fun I had that I can remember on top of my head will probably be the time I was hosting a party at an after-hours club in Boston, and TJR showed up after his gig. We ended up playing b2b. This was before he blew up as big as he is now and he is one of the most skilled dis out there.

That is actually really cool. That was probably a blast. What other major EDM acts have you worked with?

I have played support for a large amount of well known acts. I have played with well known DJs such as Hardwell, Tiesto, Avicii, Skrillex, Nicky Romero, Steve Aoki, David Guetta on the commercial circuit as well as DJs like Roger Sanchez, Erick Morillo, Eric Prydz, Destructo, Jay Lumen, and Justin Martin who hold a special place on my repertoire.

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That list is impressive. What is your musical background?

I have none actually. I have been a music lover and and a big collector since I was young. I don’t consider myself as a musician nor think that being a good DJ requires having musical training. Having a good taste in music and knowing how to observe a room, a crowd than setting the mood is very different than sitting down in front of an instrument and composing melodies with emotions. Don’t get me wrong though. I am more than anything a student of music and now that I am into production I have been teaching myself music theory and how to play piano.

Very well put. I don’t believe DJing requires musical training either, but I do believe music competency is necessary to DJ well. So many times I’ve seen relatively big EDM DJ’s mix songs with clashing harmonies. Which do you enjoy more: making music or playing music?

At the moment making music. It is a newer hobby that turned into passion and since there is much more to learn it makes me a lot more interested in it. I also get to understand why I loved such things in songs as I get to understand more about frequencies and harmonies. I do enjoy DJing just as much. I just don’t get to spend as much time on it at the moment.

True, I see where you’re coming from. What equipment do you like to use when making music?

I got a 49key keyboard and a Maschine that I use to write melodies and rhythms. Ableton is the DAW I often use, but working with other artists and friends I have been using Reason as well.

What equipment do you like to use when playing music?

I enjoy using the standard Pioneer gear. I like messing with the FX and filters on the 900 so it is always more fun when I have one to play on at the venue. I don’t require anything specific however. Any cd player and mixer will do at the end of the day.

Good answer. A good DJ shouldn’t require any specific gear like you said. How important is sound design to you?

It used to be something I have not paid much attention to since I did not have the knowledge to understand how vital it is. Now it is literally everything. If your sounds are tight individually and complementing each other harmoniously, your productions will stand out. We see this a lot today in club music productions. Simple melodies becoming break through songs of the year simply because of sound design.

You hit it on the head! Sound design has become an increasing point of focus in EDM production. When can we expect new music from you?

I have been working on getting better at making music before starting to dish out anything. I did want to stay relevant in this competitive industry however so I am slowly letting some of the productions surface. I just did a free release last week and am planning to do another one (now) in December.

We will be sure to post your new music when it comes out. How can your fans reach you?

I am active on most social media outlets. I think my website is a one stop shop for finding me on all of them ( If you would like to find me on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Youtube or Instagram just search Bamboora. | |

Any last words?

Don’t let anyone tell you what music is good and what music is bad. You are allowed to enjoy anything that sounds good to your ears. I hate seeing people not being able to enjoy music they love simply because of made up trends.

Thanks for the interview!

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