If you haven’t heard of Aurora, let me introduce you to an artist that looks like she will have a promising career. Her latest Single, Heaven, sounds pretty big and she really exercised her vocal range on the track.

Aurora is a native of San Juan, Puerto Rico, and was raised in Miami. aurora | EDM EXCLUSIVES | EDM BlogShe founded Medination Music, her own independent record label, of which she releases her music from. All of Aurora’s music is presented professionally, a testament to Medination Music’s ability to orchestrate an artist’s project.

Electronic Dance Music is flooded with artists right now, it really takes a lot to stand out from the crowd. With EDM being flooded, music in general is flooded as well. Aurora does a great job of separating herself from the rest. She puts a lot of time into her unique sound and into the presentation of her music.

That video shows the effort that Aurora and her team have put into her work. In my time I have noticed that hard work rarely goes unnoticed. Her team is promoting the track through all the proper outlets (including EDM blogs) and is obviously working hard. I wouldn’t be surprised if Aurora is on top of the charts one of these days!

Check out her website Aurora Music to hear more.

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