“I’m not EDM” says one of the biggest EDM DJs/producers of our time. Yea, and I’m not a writer… I’m not though, I’m more than just a writer and that’s kind of the vibe I got from what Afrojack was trying to say. He’s more than any one genre. Being locked in to only one genre would restrain his creativity. Yes, the majority of his music falls into the EDM category, but he wants to be recognized as popular sensation across the globe as a generally outstanding artist, not just as that EDM DJ. Almost sounds like he’s a sell out right? Wrong… Far too many times do people shun the idea making pop music, perhaps because you are not being true to your unique style and are making music which is easily digestible by the public. What then, if it so happens that your unique style and skill set leads your creativity to create music which is popular and generally accepted across all listeners. I hear 5 different Calvin Harris songs on the radio every day, and I guarantee you he is proud of those tracks. It just so happens that the EDM music Calvin Harris makes is actually really popular. Afrojack is just focusing on mastering his skill set to make better music, period. Nothing different. Whether he makes EDM or Country music, the name of the game lies within the ‘M’ of ‘EDM.’ I have a feeling that he is going to do well for himself.

Let’s not get confused, he’s fairly popular already lol. According to Forbes, Afrojack was the 7th most highest paid DJ of 2013, making over $18 million dollars that year. He was also the first DJ to ring the NASDAQ bell.

He is planning on releasing his debut album May 19th, titled “Forget The World.” Don’t forget to buy it when it comes out.


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