If fans weren’t excited enough to go see Above & Beyond at Madison Square Garden, these two lucky girls got selected for the ceremonial button pushing event which obviously made their night, or probably year.

The Electronic Dance Music group from England is made up of Paavo Siljamäki, Tony McGuinness, and Jono Grant. The group was formed at the beginning of the new millenium and based it’s name “Above & Beyond” on a motivational trainer’s (who coincidentally was also named Jono Grant) slogan. In an interview with Above & Beyond, Jono Grant said:

“In my student days I had a print out on my wall from the internet from a motivational speaker named “Jono Grant”… It was quite funny, so I stuck it up on the wall. The title said “ABOVE & BEYOND”, and when we were looking for a name whilst working on the Chakra remix, Tony saw it and decided that was perfect for us given the uplifting sound of our music and the fact he was still working at Warner Music at the time (the work he was doing on the remix was “above & beyond the call of duty!”).”

The button pushing event is relatively new event all in itself, but specifically at this Madison Square Garden event, the two girls were able to play the new single from the EDM group, Blue Sky Action.”

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