#1 Nicky Romero
When Nicky Romero released the video for Toulouse, I don’t think anyone really expected the V for Vendetta mask to stick so strongly to Nicky Romero’s image. The mask is now commonly associated with Nicky Romero and his performances. He became yet an other member of the EDM community to utilize a mask for live performances. The mask which is also associated with the hacker group Anonymous and the V for Vendetta movie, originally dates Nicky Romero | EDM Halloween Costumeback to the Gunpowder plot of 1605, which was an assassination attempt on King James I of England and VI of Scotland. Now the mask makes for a great Electronic Dance Music themed Halloween costume. To help differentiate the mask from Nicky Romero and other references of the mask, just throw on a hoodie and some headphones.

#2 Kandi Kid
Kandi Kids are easy to spot at any EDM festival or rave alike. Kandi Kids have PLUR radiating from their colorful beads. The beads they wear are always neon bright and everything else they wear is equally as bright. They run around ultra happy, always smiling, meeting new people, and are mentally stuck in a world with noKandi Kids | EDM Exclusive worries. When you say it like that it doesn’t seem too bad lol. Either way, a Kandi Kid makes for an easily recognizable EDM Halloween costume. You just need a bunch of beads and a happy personality.

#3 Deadmau5
Deadmau5 has been a go-to costume in the past, and what has worked in the past can work again. You really just need to dedicate Deadmau5 EDM Costumeyourself to the task at hand and make the mask to the best of your ability. once you have it done, you will obviously be recognized as the Electronic Dance Music superstar Deadmau5.

#4 Skrillex
Skrilex’s unmistakeable hair and glasses combo is probably the least effort you will need to put into making an EDM Halloween costume. it’s the easiest assuming that you have long hair and don’t mind Skrillex | EDM Costumeshaving off half of it. If you do decide to go the Skrillex route, you just need a quick haircut and some thick glasses to tackle his signature style.

#5 Daft Punk
If you have a friend, which you probably don’t, but if you do you can team up to embody the EDM duo Daft Punk. You and your friend will have to make the helmets and buy some cheap suits for the outfits, but if you follow some of the instructional videos, you can have one of the best EDM Halloween costumes there are. Everyone knows Daft Punk | EDM Halloween CostumeDaft Punk and everyone knows how they look. Now you just need to make music half as good as them and you can take their spot in the Electronic Dance Music world. For now you can just be them for Halloween though. If you read the article about the >> 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Daft Punk | EDM News Blog << you may have noticed that the original Daft Punk helmets cost around $65,000. With that in mind, just do your best when putting together your helmet and make it look as good as you can. The video below is just one of the many instructional videos that provide a guided tutorial to build your own Daft Punk helmet.

The trick for making any of the costumes above look good is to really  pay attention to the details. The more detail oriented you are, the more professional and ultimately the nicer your EDM outfit will look. Especially the Deadmau5 and Daft Punk costumes which require much more work than the other costumes. Some honorable mentions from the EDM world that did not make the list for EDM Halloween costumes are 2 Faced Funks, Mike Candys, DJs From Mars, The Bloody Beetroots, & Cazzette.

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