The Billboard Music Awards are huge and, respectively, so is winning the Top Dance / Electronic Artist award. Billboard has just released the finalists for the category and its may be a little tricky to predict the winner. The finalists are Avicii, Daft Punk, Calvin Harris, Lady Gaga, & Zedd. First and foremost the winner of these awards are rarely are unanimously agreed to be the best artist for their category, but the numbers usually determine the stand out artists. Zedd, one of the most underrated artists, sadly doesn’t have the numbers to win. His placements on the Billboard charts are too few and too low. Lady Gaga, for has a barrage of tracks on the Hot 100, but nothing standout. Her greatest placement on the charts was due to Applause, and if that is the defining piece of work that gets her this award, then Avicii and Daft Punk may be angry. That’s right I said it, Avicii or Daft Punk will win… Calvin Harris, as an honorable mention, does have the most tracks which when counted together put him at the top of the list. Despite all of Calvin Harris’ placement he continuously fell short of the Billboard charts top 10, which in my opinion, he would’ve had to have reached to win. That being said, Avicii with Wake Me Up peaked at No.4 on the charts and has remained on the charts for 44 weeks. Daft Punk with Get Lucky peaked at No.2 and remained on the charts for 28 weeks. Due to the length of time Wake Me Up stayed on the charts and the fact that Avicii has more chart placements for 2014 than Daft Punk, my money is on Avicii. I wouldn’t be surprised if Calvin Harris or Daft Punk walked away with it though… Lady Gaga or Zedd winning would just be unlikely, even though Zedd is dope. Who cares about these awards anyways, we’re not the finalists so it really doesn’t affect us. Don’t go changing your play list just because someone wins lol.

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