1. Darlin’
Prior to forming Daft Punk,  Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter were in an indie rock band named Darlin’ in 1992. The band was titled after a popular Beach Boys song and the band even featured their own cover of the song.

2. A Daft Punky Thrash
Dave Jennings reviewed the band Darlin’ in Melody Maker, a popular music publication at the time. The review portrayed the band negatively and Dave Jennings stated Darlin’ sounded like “a daft punky thrash.” That is how they took the title Daft Punk.

Daft Punk w/o helmets - Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter

3. Classmates
Before they were in the band Darlin’, and before they made any form of Electronic Dance Music, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter were friends. The two first met in 1987, when they both attended Lycée Carnot, a secondary school in Paris.

4. Before the Robots
Daft Punk didn’t always wear their signature robot helmets. Prior to the development of their helmets, Guy-Man and Thomas Bangalter would wear a variety of masks, including Beavis and Butthead.

5. Helmets
The Daft Punk helmets have gone through 4 phases broken down into specific era’s of their music. The Discovery era (2001-2005), the era between Discovery and Human After All featured transition period helmets, the Human After All era (2005-2010),  and the Tron era (2010+). The helmets feature A/C and originally costed approximately $65,000. The helmets are now their signature look and admired by EDM fans worldwide.Daft Punk Helmets - EDM News Blog

6. Who’s Who
It can be confusing figuring out who’s who when watching Daft Punk perform.  We figured we would help clarify that for you. Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo wears the smoother, rounder helmet. Thomas Bangalter wears the more rugged rough edged helmet.

7. CommercialsDaft Punk Coke
Daft Punk doesn’t just make electronic dance music all day. They have also appeared in a number of commercials and promotional campaigns throughout the years. My favorite commercial the EDM duo has done was their Star Wars Mos Eisley cantina spot featuring Snoop Dogg and David Beckham. They were also featured in a Gap commercial and even had a custom line of Coca-Cola bottles released.

8. Interstella 5555
“Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem” was released to accompany the groups album “Discovery”. It is a full-legnth animated film featuring the familiar blue people from the Discovery

Daft Punk - EDM Newsmusic videos. It’s actually clips from this film that the group used tomake the music videos. Any EDM Blog would be incomplete without mentioning this film.

Electroma - Daft Punk

9. Electroma
“Electroma” is a film about two robots and their attempt to become human. It almost reminds you of two robots you know. The film was released in 2006 and doesn’t have any dialogue. Furthermore , this is the first cinematic release that Daft Punk taken part in that doesn’t feature their own music.

10. Creativity Over Money
If you follow Daft Punk at all you know they are creative geniuses. From their live performances to their cinematic projects, Daft Punk exercises all of their rights in creative freedom.  When the electronic music duo signed with Virgin in 1996 Thomas Bangalore said: “Many record companies offered us deals. They came from everywhere, but we decided to wait—partly because we didn’t want to lose control of what we had created. We turned down many record companies. We weren’t interested in the money, so we turned down labels that were looking for more control than we were willing to give up… We’ve got much more control than money. You can’t get everything. We live in a society where money is what people want, so they can’t get the control. We chose. Control is freedom.” The groups position on this topic is noble. They even went

David Bowie - EDM Blog Newsas far as to turn down David Bowie, when he personally asked them to remix one of his songs. They did that, because they are in control of their creative direction and they take it seriously.


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